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Ibooks author

So say good-bye to needing to be an HTML coder to do more than a plain e-book with iBooks Author: It directly produces the code for many common book elements. If you want e-books that work on these other devices, you have to create such books with other tools, even if they use the same text and some of the same images.

What Is iBooks Author?

Text: Unlike a print book but like an e-book, you can have hyperlinks and cross-references that a reader can tap to jump to the other content immediately. Hyperlinks in iBooks Author work the same way as any e-book.

In fact, none of the e-book tools even let you create indexes. But iBooks Author makes it much easier to create hyperlinked cross-references to other parts of the book, as well as to figures and glossary entries, than traditional e-book editing tools do.

That can save you effort in ensuring the accuracy of data in the tables presented to readers. Graphics: In print books and regular e-books, graphics are static, and if you have a gallery of them, you have to use a lot of pages to show them all. A PDF book can have rollover objects and other forms of interactivity, as well as let you produce slideshow-like image galleries.

Plus, it lets you use 3D objects that readers can turn to explore them from any angle; not even PDF files can do that. Neither can regular e-books though they can link to such content to be played in the browser or other app. Web widgets: Another only-in-iBooks-Author capability, you can include web functionality by using the HTML and JavaScript languages to access web data or create simple apps that run within the e-book.

What Is iBooks Author?The iBooks Author Manual is the quickest and easiest way to publishing your interactive book using Apple's iBooks Author. The iBooks Author software is very easy to use, but in fact some sections of the software have little to no detailed explanations causing you to consume large amounts of time experimenting and reformatting text and images.

There are several unstated rules that you MUST follow. This manual quickly addresses those issues, saving you hours. The manual is divided into several sections from getting started to step-by-step procedures that you can replicate on your computer to gain a greater understanding of iBooks Author. An entire section is dedicated to every menu and sub-item providing simple explanations of each. The widget section will take you through step-by-step creation and their use.

Another section explains how to create your customer templates. Graphs and their presentation are fully explained and much, much more. The presentation of the materials is in simple classroom format walking you through the all parts of iBooks Author giving you the necessary knowledge to get your document published. From the beginner to the experienced user, this manual will prove to be a great resource in getting your first book published using Apple's iBooks Author.

Publisher Description.Skip to main content iBooks Author. Publishing with iBooks Author. Available for download now. I am a multimedia designer and author with experience in print media. I was looking for a quick intro to iBooks Author for an upcoming project and happened upon this book.

Lucky me. This is a lucid intro to the app — broad enough to orient novices to digital publishing, informed enough to be useful to seasoned ePUB hands. Oh, and did I mention the price? I don't know why Nellie McKesson is giving this book away, but I am very grateful to her for doing so.

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The writing is clear and fluid, the info solid. Five stars to the generous author. See All Buying Options.

iBooks Author: The Complete Beginner's Guide

The iBook application from Apple is one of the least "apple like" apps I've had the misfortune to use. The interface is a bit kludgy and it's cranky about certain things.

ibooks author

After struggling with it twice, I bought this book on my Kindle and started to read through it. I wont say the heavens opened up but the light certainly went on. The book is laid out well and clearly written even though the material is a bit dull and technical. With this book in my hand, I managed to get my own book project under control and within the week of owning this book, mine was well on it's way.

And in the correct format too. At this point, my book is a week away from being submitted to Apple and it is because of this author. I was able to work out that I needed yet another iTunes Decent beginner's guide. I would like to see a new version or another book by this author with more detailed and up to the minute developments for publishers already up and running on the iTunes bookstore.

But I recommend this to publishers new to Apple's bookstore. This tells you what you need to know. Available to ship in days. This is a beefy, quality resource for those who use iBooks Author and absolutely essential for those like myself who are planning to become iBooks Author Certified.

The good: very clearly written, closely tied into the iBooks Author Certification Program itself, and the solutions guide for the included sample exam has a lot of hand-holding as it walks you, the reader, through each question on the sample exam.

You can learn a lot about iBooks Author by taking the sample exam and reading through the solutions, by itself. The bad: not a lot. I love the guide but I did deduct one star for the iBooks version not being available as promised, along with the fact that the guide could stand to have slightly more organization.

A table of contents at the front and index at the back would be nice for future revisions. The ugly: nothing. This thing's Add to cart. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. I purchased this book as an iBook and read it on my iPad while I worked through the lessons on my laptop. This book does the brilliant job of both presenting the necessary material to learn iBooks Author while simultaneously demonstrating the utility of the iBook format.Now anyone can create stunning textbooks, cookbooks, history books, picture books, and more for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Start with one of the Apple-designed templates that feature a wide variety of page layouts. Add your own text and images with drag-and-drop ease.

Use Multi-Touch widgets to include interactive photo galleries, movies, Keynote presentations, 3D objects, and more. Preview your book on your iOS device or Mac at any time.

ibooks author

Then submit your finished work to Apple Books in a few simple steps. This has the potential to be great in what it could do for books but the software, as has been stated eleswhere in reviews, is poor and out of date. A surprisingly out-of-date tool from Apple. It appears to have been neglected and is in sore need of a little attention.

It has the look and feel of something from approx Perhaps they have better things to do than to maintain what could be quite a helpful tool. Instead, iBooks Author has been allowed to stagnate. Very un-Apple like. Great for creating with graphics etc. Not so intuitive if all you want to do is concentrate on text or novels.

The templates push and shove you around with formatting when all you want to do is concentrate on chapters and pages. If Pages app had chapter bar with drag and drop control I would use that instead. Tried other expensive app but it was over complicated and then really expensive to upgrade to 64bit version so dropped it. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

ibooks author

Description Now anyone can create stunning textbooks, cookbooks, history books, picture books, and more for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This update includes stability and performance improvements.

iBooks Author

Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Provider Apple Distribution International. Size Category Productivity. Compatibility OS X All rights reserved. Price Free. Licence Agreement. Apple Books. Apple Store.Digital publication is an exciting new medium that opens up lots of creative doors and opportunities! We live in a multimedia era, where all forms of communication come together and interact with each other.

The arrival and development of mobile devices that combine many technologies and put them at our "fingertaps" is something that has changed our world in so many ways; we are surrounded sometimes overwhelmed!

When it comes to publishing electronically, the iBooks Author software allows authors to create dynamic, interactive content for iOS devices. So join Michele and start planning your next ebook as you learn all about iBooks Author in this in-depth, tutorial course.

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Built-In and Third Party Templates. Widgets Overview 5. Testing and Publishing Overview 6.

Installing iBooks Author 7. Interface Basics - Part 1 8. Interface Basics - Part 2 9. Adding Content - Part 1 Adding Content - Part 2 Exploring Styles Custom Styles Setting Up Your Book Outlines About Layout and Aesthetics Adding Text Boxes Adding Shapes, Tables and Charts Inspector and Media Browser Section 3 Overview Gallery Widget Media Widget for Audio Keynote Widget HTML Widget Preparing Video Content Adding Video Content Interactive Images The Review Widget Previewing Content Exporting and Publishing.

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Privacy Statement.These iBooks Author articles offer keyboard shortcuts, supported file formats, and ways to share your e-books with others. Apple provides multiple ways for you to distribute the books you create in iBooks Author.

You must get a paid publisher account. If you sell even just one book, all your free books must be published via the paid publisher account. Selling your iBooks Author-created books through other venues is prohibited, although you can use the same contents and create books for other e-readers, and even for print, by using other software programs. Create a free publisher accountwhich lets you distribute your books in the iBookstore.

Export the book as an. Recipients just need to drag the file into iTunes on their computers and sync to their iPad, or open the link or e-mail attachment on their iPads.

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In the settings sheet that appears, specify the filename in the Save As field and navigate to the desired file location. Plus, all the formatting is stripped out.

And an exported PDF file has none of the interactivity of an iBooks Author e-book, except that hyperlinks are maintained. Any interactive objects, such as reviews, 3D objects, and image galleries, are displayed only as static preview graphics. And a prominent iBooks Author logo appears at the bottom of each page.

Instead, do your text work in Microsoft Word or Pages, and then import those files and your various images, videos, and audio files into iBooks Author, add other interactive objects, and create an iBooks Author-savvy version of your book. Also, you can export a file directly from Pages, InDesign, and QuarkXPress to the ePub format, and then use a program such as the free Sigil to finalize the e-book layout and create an ePub for distribution in several e-book stores, including the iBookstore.

You can use the free Calibre program to convert the ePub file to Amazon. Microsoft Word and Apple Pages documents can be imported, with each file becoming a separate chapter in your book. Tables are retained, but footnotes are stripped out.

Paste text from other applications into iBooks Author, but not import their files. Apple Keynote presentation files can also be imported into Keynote objects for playback in the book. The popular QuickTime. You must use the Media Browser panel to access these files.So this means to create and sell a book, all you have to do is create a file!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth ten times that! Keep reading to find out how to get started.

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You can download all of the source files needed for this tutorial here. This compressed folder contains all of the media assets that you will need for this project, and it also contains the completed iBook for reference. Save the folder to your desktop or some other easy-to-find place that you can access from iBook Author. Minimal setup — things are looking good so far! The next section shows you how to create your iBook from the library of existing templates available.

Once iBooks Author is installed, go to your Applications folder and run it. Fill in some basic information about your book in the Document pane, such as your name, the title of the book, and some basic notes about the book.

Click Book Titlewhich will bring up the book cover screen, as such:. On the book cover, you can double-click any of the text fields directly on the book cover to edit them.

Go ahead and edit them now.

iBooks Author is Gone, And it’s Been Folded into Pages [Update]

Note that you can also add, remove, and reposition text boxes to get your titles looking just the way you want, as seen below:. In the iBooksAuthorTutorial folder that you downloaded, find the Media folder. In this folder, you will see a file named cover.

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Drag cover. This is the cover that readers will briefly see as the book opens on their iPad. This is a great way to introduce the book with something interesting and motivating. Find intro. Be patient; iBooks Author might need a few seconds to process the video.

Once the processing is complete, hit the play button and watch the exciting intro video! If you choose not to have a video as your Intro Media, you can instead use a still image. If you opt not to use any intro media, then your iBook will open directly to the table of contents. Note: Videos will only play when exported in the iBooks format. Keep this in mind if you plan to offer your book as both an iBook and a PDF! If you own an iPad with iBooks 3. Connect your iPad to your Macintosh and open the iBooks app:.

Then in your Media folder, find chapter1. This spices up the Table of Contents screen with some background artwork, like so:.


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